40th Anniversary Barbie and Ken

Barbie and Ken

40TH Anniversary Barbie and Ken

The spectacular 40th Anniversary Barbie and Ken. These dolls were offered in 1999 by Mattel to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Barbie.  The detail on the clothing is just amazing.  And, who could resist the accessories?  Each doll came with a tiny doll in a tiny replica box.  The pink roses have a cellophane wrapper, silver ribbon and a Happy Anniversary tag.

Barbie has what is called the Mackie face.  The Ken doll has the same face mold as the Happy Family Grandpa doll.  He's younger looking and is fully articulated.  The grandpa doll can only bend his arms.

The Happy Family dolls and the 40th Anniversary dolls are out of production and available only on the secondary market. You might find them locally but your best source for these dolls is ebay.  The price varies so you may need to look more than once to find them at a good price.

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