Doll Pantaloons Made in USA


Doll panaloons in My Doll Store are made in the USA from my own patterns.

Most are made of 100% cotton and may be trimmed with vintage cotton lace or modern polyester lace resembling old lace.

Doll Pantaloons

Doll Pantaloons for Robert Raikes Hitty Doll

Robert Raikes Hitty Doll

Doll Pantaloons for Slim Hitty Doll

Slim Hitty Doll

Doll Pantaloons for 8" Dolls

8" Dolls.  Alexanderkin, Dakin Ginny, Nancy Ann Storybook Muffie and Vogue Ginny Doll

Doll Pantaloons for Lesney Ginny

Lesney Ginny Dolls

Doll Pantaloons for Susie Sad Eyes and Soul Sister


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