Hitty Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field

Hitty Hitty Her First Hundred Years Newberry Winner Robert Raikes Hitty Doll

First published in 1929, Hitty Her First Hundred Years, tells the story of a handcarved doll found in an antique shop by Rachel Field.  The book was illustrated by Dorothy P Lathrop.  It won the Newbery Medal for excellence in American children's literature in 1930.

Hitty's real name is Mehitabel.  She was carved of mountain ash by a peddler for Phoebe Preble, who lives on Great Cranberry Island in Maine.  As the story progresses, Hitty is lost at sea and describes her life with many owners.

Hitty Her First Hundred Years 1930 Newberry Winner


Hitty dolls are carved by many modern artists.  She has online groups and websites dedicated to her travels and adventures. 

HittyTravelDoll.com is the online home of my Hitty dolls. 

Although, this book is still in print, you can buy older versions on eBay and Amazon

The doll in the photo, taken by my daughter Amanda, is a Robert Raikes Hitty Doll.

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