Kenner Bionic Man and Bionic Woman Dolls

Over the years of doll collecting and buying and selling, I have had a few Six Million Dollar Man dolls and Bionic Woman dolls and their accessories.

The Six Million Dollar Man was a 1970's TV series based upon the novel Cyborg by Martin Caidin.  Steve Austin was played by actor Lee Majors. 

Kenner Six Million Dollar Man Ad


The Bionic Woman was a spin off show.  Jaime Sommers was played by Lindsay Wagner.

Kenner Bionic Woman Ad

Kenner Products, was an American toy company founded in 1946. Hasbro purchased the company in 1991.  Hasbro closed the Cincinnati Ohio offices of Kenner in 2000.

Six Million Dollar Man Red Shoes

Bionic Man Shoes

Kenner Bionic WomanLogo shirt tag

The Bionic Woman Logo shirt has a Made in Hong Kong Tag. 

Kenner Bionic Woman Red Shoes

Bionic Woman Red Shoes

Bionic Woman Yellow Shoes

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