Lifetime Career Schools Doll Hospital Course

In the 1960's, Norm and Marge Morris of Los Angeles California offered a doll repair home study course. 

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1966 Advertisement

Doll Collectors are a diverse group.  Some collect only dolls from their own childhood.  Others may collect only new or vintage dolls or dolls of a certain type such as fashion dolls or baby dolls.  There is no right or wrong way to enjoy the hobby.

At the time this doll repair course was launched, doll collecting was the second most popular hobby after stamp collecting.  Antique dolls, composition and hard plastic  dolls were often found in need of restoration and repair after being found in attics and basements.

The course offered 100 lessons covering setting up a shop, the history of dolls, making dolls and repairing them.

Lifetime Career Schools Workbook

Lifetime Career Schools Workbook

A new version of the course is available on Amazon. 


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