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Ginny has roots that date back to 1922 when Jennie Adler Graves opened a doll shop in Somerville, Massachusetts. Ginny became an 8" doll in 1951.  She was named after Mrs. Grave's daughter, Virginia.

In 1972, the Vogue name was sold to the Tonka Corporation.  Ginny was manufactured by different owners until 1995, when Ginny was again made by the Vogue Doll Company.  The new owners pledged to make Ginny in the tradition of guality.

I have a few vintage, reproduction and transition years Ginny dolls.

Ginny was owned by the Lesney Products company between 1977-1982.  She is a soft vinyl doll with sleep eyes and rooted hair.  This doll is a slim version of Ginny and is sometimes called. "Skinny Ginny"


Meritus Industries owned Ginny from 1984-1986.  My blond Meritus Ginny is soft vinyl and has sleep eyes and rooted hair.

The Red head doll is a hard plastic doll.  She is the Caramel Apples Ginny by R. Dakin Company. Dakin manufactured Ginny from 1986-1995

My Vintage Ginny dolls.  The Carrot top doll with green eyes is a Little Imp.

Two Reproduction Ginny dolls by the new Vogue Doll Company.  The bent-leg doll is a Crib Club.

There are many, many other Ginny dolls out there as well as adorable and well made original clothing.  

Several Ginny reference guides with a wealth of information are out of print but available on the secondary market .

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More detailed information about Ginny and the Vogue Doll Company can be found at

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