Sugar Creme Pie! Happy PI Day


To commemorate Happy PI Day, March 14, we celebrate Sugar Creme Pie.

Sugar Creme Pie

Some Facts about Sugar Creme Pie:

  • It is also called Hoosier Pie because it is the Unofficial Indiana State Pie
  • There was a resoultion to make it official in 2009 but it never made it to the governor's desk.
  • It is also called "Desperation Pie" or "Depression Pie" because the 5 main ingredients were available in most kitchens.
  • It requires no eggs
  • It requires no fruit
  • It does require a baked pie crust that also requires baking for minutes after the filling is added
  • "Dinner on the Grounds" in Indiana almost always includes a Sugar Creme Pie
  • This is the recipe my mother in law used.  She made a Sugar Creme Pie every Thanksgiving.



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