Walda Porcelain Doll - The Antique Doll That Isn't

Walda Porcelain Doll

Walda doll is a mass produced doll with a cloth body and porcelain shoulder head, arms and legs. The porcelain is usually a stark white, what used to be called "sugar bisque" with bright cheek blush and red rosebud lips. Her shoes and socks are painted on. 

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She is often found in a brown print "granny dress" but other colors have been found.  Her hat is a matching woven raffia with ribbon and floral trim. 

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The doll affectionately became known as a "Walda" doll on the eBay doll discussion board because she turned up so often, all over the place, just like the well known star of the Where's Waldo books.  So many were sold during the 1970's and 1980's, that they are found sitting in a tiny rocker in Grandmas parlor, in a box of dolls in the attic and sitting on shelves of thrift shops and estate sales.

They are most often sold as an "antique" but were mass produced in China using poor quality materials.  That hasn't diminished her charm to collectors who identify her by name on ebay and who have formed a Facebook Group dedicated to Walda and her Family 

Walda's Friends and Family Facebook Group 

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