A Bonsai Hitty Wedding!

Bonsai Hitty Dolls

Submitted by Ann S. and the Bonsai Hittys

Olive Pitt and Chester wish to announce their wedding.  Chester came to us via Wanda Harrigan of Wild Hare Studio.  He had been a sailor for many years, but decided that it was time to retire to solid land.

When he visited his brothers, Olive (formerly known as Mrs. Olive Pitt) saw photos of him and fell head-over-heels!  It wasn't long before he arrived bearing gifts at the Bonsai Hitty home.  The two of them felt an immediate bond.  When Chester proposed, Olive told him that she would marry him, yes indeed!, but she wouldn't take his name.  That was okay with Chester because he had lost his last name somewhere in the ocean.

A Bonsai Hitty Wedding

Olive and Chester are deciding what type of domicile they want to live in.  Whatever it is, they want to be close to the Bonsai Hittys, but perhaps in their own building, because Olive will still be in charge of the Bonsai Hitty youngsters.

Bonsai Hitty Doll Wedding of Olive and Chester

Michael the Artist, one of Chester's brothers, was unable to attend the celebration because he is in the middle of a commissioned project that he must finish before his deadline.

Olive Pitt and Chester reside with the Bonsai Hitty family. Chester was carved by Wanda Harrigan of Wildhare Studios. Wanda has a Facebook page.  Click Here

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