A Tale of Two Hitty Dolls by Robert Raikes

Robert Raikes Hitty Doll

In 2002, Robert Raikes offered an open edition Hitty Doll that was manufactured in China. She is 6 1/2" tall and came dressed or undressed.

2002 Robert Raikes Hitty

The dolls started as roughly cut blanks that were then hand finished.  They are strung with elastic. These early open edition dolls were were not signed.

Robert Raikes Hitty Dolls

The doll on the right is one of the first Hitty Dolls offered by Robert Raikes.  She came in this tagged dress.  Her outfit includes an embroidered bonnet and eyelet trimmed pantaloons and half slip.  A Certificate of Authenticity was enclosed.  This doll was purchased at a doll shop for $60.99 in 2002.

The doll on the left is also a Robert Raikes Hitty but she was purchased online from the website of The American Kit Company.  The website is no longer online.  The main difference when comparing the two dolls is that the older doll does not have painted socks.

The American Kit doll came in a newly styled box and included a cloth Hitty carrier, a dress pattern and a piece of cotton print fabric.  You could buy the dolls painted or unpainted.

This brochure from 2005 was included with the Hitty doll from the American Kit Company

2005 American Kit Doll Brochure

2005 American Kit Doll Brochure

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