Atlanta and Krispy Kreme

Georgia Hitty Gale

By Hitty Gale, a Gale Lyons Hitty

Recently, my adopted humans met up with Shirley's sister and her family at the Marietta Diner located North of Atlanta in Marietta Georgia.  If you travel Interstate 75 North or you hop a plane from Fort Myers, you may go through Atlanta Georgia.

Here are some interesting facts about Atlanta:

  • The Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the world’s busiest passenger airport.
  • The Capitol Dome is layered in 43 ounces of pure gold that was mined in Dahlonega, Georgia – the site of America’s first Gold Rush.  
  • Atlanta is the birthplace of Coca Cola and the Varsity Restaurant serves nearly 3 million servings of Coca-Cola annually, the most served anywhere in the world 
  • Atlanta loves to shop!  Atlanta has more shopping space per capita than any other city except Chicago
  • Atlanta is home to the Peachtree Road Race, the world’s largest 10K race with an average of 45,000 runners each year 
  • Atlanta is the only US city destroyed by fire as an act of war when General Sherman burned the city on November 15, 1864 
  • Atlanta is the site of the novel “Gone With the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell.  The movie was the first color film to win the Best Picture Oscar 
  • Atlanta is home of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, the world’s largest museum dedicated to the famous civil rights leader and American hero.
  • Atlanta has over 16 million visitors a year!

Olympic Torch Atlanta

Atlanta hosted the 1996 Olympics

Traffic in Atlanta Georgia

Traffic is challenging in Atlanta

Krispy Kreme Marietta Georgia

A Krispy Kreme was located across the street from the Marietta Diner

Hitty loves Krispy Kreme

Of Course.....we stopped at Krispy Kreme


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