Bert Off the Clock

Bert has changed his lifestyle since he officially retired.  He has lost 35 pounds.  Instead of sitting at a desk all day, he exercises, plays golf and rides his bike.  Most weeks, he rides about 70 miles.  Some days, he rides all the way to the beach....a round trip of 18 miles.

Bert Off the Clock

After Bert officially retired, he remodeled our kitchen.  Our condo was built in the 1980's and need some TLC.  By installing an 18" dishwasher instead of the standard 24" size, he was able to add a pull-out trash container.  The new design also includes a snack bar.  

Our 1980's Kitchen

Our old kitchen

Our new kitchen

Our new Kitchen

Our Snack Bar

Our Snack Bar

Our New Kitche

The 18" Dishewasher and Pull-Out Trash Container


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