Doll Show and Strawberry Festival

Doll Show Florida Hitty Gale

By Hitty Gale, A Gale Lyons Hitty

For the past few years, my adopted humans and I have traveled to Lakeland Florida from our home in Fort  Myers to go to a doll show.  The doll show is held every year on the second Saturday in March at the Lake Mirror Center in Lakeland, Florida.  Before she retired, Berdine Creedy would bring her beautiful dolls.  She is a dollmaker who enjoys interacting with collectors.

Berdine Creedy, Doll Artist

Berdine Creedy, Doll Artist

The Doll Show takes place at the Lake Mirror Center. Lakeland is a charming city with well-kept Florida style homes.  It is known for the ornamental swans that decorate the streets downtown. 

Lake Mirror, Lakeland Florida

Swans of Lakeland Florida

Swans decorate the downtown streets of Lakeland Florida

We meet up with friends who are snowbirds from Virginia for lunch.  We catch up on the latest gossip, attend the garden show downtown and then we have strawberries at Parkesdale Farms in Plant City.

Crates of Plant City Strawberries

Crates of Strawberries at Parkesdale Farms

Hitty Gale at the Strawberry Festival

I like to wear my strawberry dress when we go to Parkesdale Farms



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