Down the rabbit hole and into . . . Bolivia?

Bolivia DRC Hittykin Hitty Alice

Submitted by Hitty Alice, Adventurer Extraordinaire

Wow – What a journey I have had! I said goodbye to all my Sunshine State Hitty friends on May 08. But when I went into my packing case, with only my book and a birthday card, which I couldn’t even unwrap since it wasn’t for me, I had no IDEA it would be a 3 week journey!

I specifically heard the postal worker tell Shirley it would only be 10 days! Obviously, that postal worker has never made the journey and then been forced to sit in Customs for another week and a half. Needless to say, I was ready to stretch my legs. But I was also a little nervous. I’d had plenty of time to think about what my adopted human, Emily, would be like.

Would she understand that even though I was tired, I wanted to get out and experience Bolivia right away? Would she know that, like my namesake from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, I, too, am a curious adventurer?

Hitty Alice Arrives in Bolivia

Hitty Alice Arrives in Bolivia

I needn’t have worried. Shirley and Amanda knew just what they were doing when they matched the two of us! From inside my box, I heard Emily’s squeals of joy as she ran around her kitchen looking for the scissors. And when I finally saw daylight, there was a big, smiling face ready to greet me!

Hitty Alice is Free from my shipping box afer 21 days!

Free from my shipping box afer 21 days!

She told me I was just in time! “For what?” I asked. Turns out, the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center graduation was that night, and Emily had been praying that I would make it in time, because that would be a great first experience in Bolivia for me. Thank goodness I was already dressed and ready to go, because we still had tons of letter to finish before my adventure.

Hitty Alice writing letters to graduating seniors

Writng letters to seniors.  I enjoy writing

Emily explained that each of these letters would go to one of the Seniors, in something called a memory book. They were supposed to be done weeks ago, but, since she had been so busy having fun with the Seniors and getting all of her papers graded, she just hadn’t had time to do them.

So, here we are, two hours before being picked up to help with grad set-up, trying to leave her kids with one last reminder of how much Emily loves them, and more importantly, how much God loves them. I haven’t even been to the the school yet, but it seems like that’s exactly the kind of place I where I would want to learn! I’ll have to post the graduation pictures in a few days.

Emily’s camera started being temperamental shortly after this picture, so we have to beg, borrow, and steal other people’s photos from grad. I’m beginning to realize that being in Bolivia is very different from the States. It takes a lot longer to get things done, for one. But I knew that from my 21 days in a mailing box!

Hitty Alice is a resin Hitty-Kin II by doll artist DeAnn Cote of DRC Designs.  She lives with her adopted human, Emily, who is a teacher in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  It is located on the Pirai River in the tropical lowlands east of the Andes Mountains. Founded by the Spanish in the 1500s, today it’s a cosmopolitan hub with museums, restaurants and nightclubs. 

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