Happy Hitty Day!

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By Hitty Gale, a Gale Lyons Hitty

You Know its going to be a great doll show when almost the first table has miniatures, Hitty dolls and Bitty Hitty Dolls!

Hitty Dolls for sale at a Doll Show

Hitty Dolls at a Doll Show

That is what happened at the doll show in Saint Petersburg, Florida recently.  Saturday.  I purchased a 1930 edition of Hitty Her First Hundred Years with color plates and a Bitty Hitty.  However, I couldn't decide which Hitty doll to take home with me--I wanted them all.  Just to give you an idea here's a photo of my lucky Hitty Day finds.

Hitty Dolls and Hitty Book

Hitty Dolls and 1930 book

The Bitty Hitty doll is unsigned but I later learned she was made by Lula Wolfe. The Classic size Hitty was carved of olive wood by Jenny Anderson.  

Hitty Olive 11-05

Olive Wood Hitty by Jenny Anderson

Lula Wolfe Bitty Hitty

Lula Wolfe Bitty Hitty



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