Hitty Amelia's Lucky Day

Hitty Amelia Indiana

Submitted by By Hitty Amelia, a Hoosier Hitty

In which find my very own special clover...

A couple of weeks ago, when Hitty Gale was visiting with Amanda's parents, and we noticed something unusual about the patch of grass growing next to the front stoop-- several four leaf clovers! Amanda's husband Sam found several in just a matter of minutes. Over the next few weeks, my adopted humans found, collected, and pressed into a book many four leaf clovers. I wanted to find one too, so this evening I went on a hunt.

Hitty Amelia in the Clover Patch

Hitty Amelia in the clover patch

Hitty Amelia finds a four leaf clover

In which I find a four leaf clover

Did you know that most believe each leaf of a clover represents something?

1st = Faith, 2nd = Hope, 3rd = Love, 4th = Luck!

Today must be my lucky day! In Ireland, they say each leaf represents a member of the trinity with the fourth leaf representing God's Grace.

Amelia's lucky day

Hitty Amelia's lucky day

Amanda let me add my clover to the growing collection. I can't believe we've found so many! We even have found a few with FIVE leaves and SIX leaves! Wow!

Hitty and her four leaf clover collection

Our Four Leaf Clover Collection

"A best friend is like a four leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have." Author unknown

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