Hitty Big and Small by Michelle Tree Folk Hollow

Big Hitty Northeast Hitty Dolls Tree Folk Hollow

Submitted by Michelle of Tree Folk Hollow

Michelle made her first wood doll at the age of ten and pegged her limbs with screws.  It was just the beginning.  In 2003, after many requests, she carved her first Hitty doll.

Hitty Russ Tree Folk Hollow

Hitty Russ

In 2005, Michelle started drawing up the plans for a life-size Hitty.  Logs were felled from the forests of the Crazy Mountains in Montana and the work began.

Photo of Big Hitty by Sue G of The Northeast Hitty Dolls and used with permission

Photo of Big Hitty by Sue G of The Northeast Hitty Dolls

Big Hitty is a chainsaw carved peg wooden.  A Douglas fir log was used for Big Hitty's torso, lodge pole pine for the arms and Douglas fir logs for the legs.  Heavy distressing creates a worn and antique look. Michelle's mother created Big Hittys clothing using antique lace.  Big Hitty was donated to the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society in Maine where she is the subject of much admiration and many photographs.

Michelle can be found on etsy The Tree Folk Hollow

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