Hitty's Blog Moves......AGAIN


 HittyTravelDoll.com was started in 2009 to share the adventures of Hitty Gale, a Gale Lyons Hitty and her friends. 

If you are familar with Hitty, you know that she is a small doll who travels, has adventures, meets celebrities and ordinary folks and writes about it. Her first known adventures are detailed  in her book, Hitty Her First Hundred Years.

One of the original guest contributers to HittyTravelDoll.com, Virginia Ann Heyerdahl, wrote an excellent informational post about Hitty.  Read Who is Hitty? 

A few years ago, the adopted humans of Hitty Gale and her friends, Shirley and David, sold their home and retired to a condominium.  Read Hitty Moves to a Condominium

This turned out to be a bigger change than was imagined.  Hitty and her doll friends were almost forgotten until last year.  Shirley got tired of being retired and started sewing again and decided to revive Hitty's blog.  To do this, she moved the blog from Blogspot to Wordpress.

A few months later, Shirley opened a Shopify store, MyDollStore.biz and moved Hitty's blog again to be part of this new website.

Technology has really changed a lot since Shirley first started selling online in 1999 and blogging in 2009.  Blogs and websites should be responsive for easy viewing on any device such as a desktop or a smart phone.

Hitty Gale and Shirley hope you will enjoy Hitty Travel Doll's new format and that you will visit often.  You can shop for Hitty on this site too!  We offer Hitty Size dresses and underthings 

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