In which I experience a Bolivian Beauty and Strangeness

Bolivia DRC Hittykin Hitty Alice

Submitted by Hitty Alice, Adventurer Extraordinaire

In July, I went to the WGM Bolivia Field Retreat with my human, Emily. She didn’t have time to take lots of pictures, but I was able to convince her to take a few of the things that seemed especially interesting. First, this resort, Los Cedros, had two interesting sculptures. You can barely see me because they are so big, but trust me, I’m there. 

Hitty Alice in Bolivia

Los Cedros Resort

Emily made me sit in the center of that dragon’s claw. I can’t believe that I survived it!

Emily made me sit in the center of that dragon’s claw. I can’t believe that I survived it!

Next, I made sure that I went to at least one of Emily’s sessions. The Martins, Frank and Sharon, came down from Indiana to help encourage and challenge the missionaries. Frank spoke especially on remembering the things that are important to people are important to God as well. So many times humans fret and worry instead of letting God handle it and remembering that He will handle it best. Thank goodness dolls don’t have those concerns. Frank also shared about one of his driving passions, the power of prayer. Emily came away from those time refreshed and renewed, so I was thankful I got to be a part of it, too.

Hitty Alice a DRC Hittykin

Hitty Alice at the Retreat

Lastly, I wanted to make sure I got a picture with the “widow-maker.” This is what many households have instead of a central water heater. It attaches to the shower head and heats the water right there. Emily says you have to find just the right mix between hot water and water pressure. If the water comes out too fast it doesn’t have time to heat up. If you want the water REALLY hot, it’s just a trickle. Sounds tricky. I was VERY glad I never had to take a shower, because I’m fairly certain that water and electricity shouldn’t be friends.

Hitty a DRC Hittykin

So, that’s the WGM retreat in a nutshell. Missionaries seem to be like most people. They enjoy playing games, being together, and eating yummy foods. Emily was glad for one last break before school started. And I was glad for one more adventure!

Hitty ready for another adventure

Hitty Alice is a resin Hitty-Kin II by doll artist De Ann Cote of DRC Designs.  She lives with her adopted human, Emily, who is a teacher in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.   

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