In which I go to school and get a lesson in literature

Hitty Amelia Indiana

Submitted By Hitty Amelia, a Hoosier Hitty

I would consider myself to be a fan of well written stories. After all, am I not the star of my very own award winning story? So when Amanda asked me what classroom I would like to visit next, I decided to go visit Mrs. G's Literature class. Mrs. G and Amanda are really good pals and have bonded over their love of all things Irish.

Mrs. G started by showing me around the classroom and introducing me to some of her students. They all seemed very nice and made me feel quite at home. The students were getting ready to watch a scene from the film "To Kill a Mockingbird" starring Gregory Peck. Mrs. G. reminded the class that watching a film is no substitute for reading the story yourself. I completely agree. Although, I wouldn't mind watching a movie based on my book! Here I am beginning to read the book...

Hitty Reads To Kill a Mockingbird

Reading To Kill a Mockingbird

After I explained to Mrs. G that I loved travel and adventure, she introduced me to one of her favorite stories, "The Last Unicorn." We spent several minutes discussing plot twists and turns and I decided to add this book to my reading list as well. Here I am with the book and Mrs. G's collection of unicorns.

Hitty Reads The Last Unicorn

The Last Unicorn and a collection of Unicorns

Finally, we spent the remainder of class brushing up on our vocabulary. Here I am at the computer getting ready to do an online review.

Hitty does an online review

Ready to do an online review

My word of the day is "cap-a-pie" meaning "from head to foot." This can be used as in, "Hitty was so excited to be invited to Mrs. G's classroom that she was beaming cap-a-pie. No one's smile could outshine her smile."

"I did not know I was so empty, to be so full." Schmendrick the Magician, from The Last Unicorn

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