In which I go to school and learn about advanced algebra

Hitty Amelia Indiana

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Early one morning I found myself being deposited in Amanda's bag which was then placed carefully in the passenger seat of her car. Due to the hour, the smell of coffee, and Amanda's professional dress, I deduced that we were on the way to work.

My adopted human Amanda teaches high school mathematics. Specifically, she teaches Algebra 2, Discrete Math (sometimes called finite math), and S.A.T. Prep Math. Most people would cringe, I think, at the idea of spending your entire work day instructing hormonal & apathetic teenagers on the finer points of math, but Amanda loves it. I guess it takes all kinds... variety is the spice of life... to each his own... or insert your own appropriate cliche here: [ . . .]

After checking email, making a few photocopies, and drinking a second cup of coffee, Amanda said she was ready. Today her Algebra 2 class was learning about rational functions. I admit that I was a little nervous, but always excited to learn something new, I sat up straight at my desk and listened. A rational function, I learned, is basically a fraction that has an algebraic expression in the numerator and denominator. For example: y = 2x/(x+3)

Hitty's Math Assignment

Amanda distributed graphing calculators to the class. She let me use one that was bright blue! I was so excited. We learned how to type in the equation and then when we hit the "graph" button we got to see what the equation looked like. I was pleased because each graph was a very interesting curve. I learned how to use the "table" button to find points and then plot those points on my graph paper.

After class, I snuck up to the dry erase board and wrote a little message for Amanda to find. Hee hee! What a great visit to math class. Amanda said that I since I enjoyed being at school so much, that I will get to visit some of her teacher friends and learn more things! Oh boy! I wonder whose class I will visit tomorrow!?! I'm sure it will be a lot of fun! I love learning new things!

Hitty Thinks Math is Fun

"It's like asking why Beethoven's Ninth Symphony is beautiful. If you don't see why, someone can't tell you. I know numbers are beautiful. If they aren't beautiful, nothing is." Paul Erdos (Hungarian mathematician)

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