In which I go to school and learn about chemistry

Hitty Amelia Indiana

After my most recent adventure in algebra, I walked around the corner to visit Mrs. B.'s chemistry class. Mrs. B is a friend of my adopted human, Amanda, and promised to take very good care of me. We spent the first few minutes reviewing safety procedure and inspecting the eye wash. When working with chemicals, better safe than sorry!

Hitty inspecting the eyewash station

Inspecting the eye wash station

Afterwards, I spent some time studying the periodic table of elements. Did you know that many of the elements are named for the places they were discovered? Being a traveler, I was very interested to learn about Polonium (Marie Curie named this after her native country of Poland) and Californium (named after the state where it was discovered).

Hitty studying the periodic table of elements

Studying the Periodic Table of Elements

I also learned that a new element was recently discovered thanks to the CERN particle accelerator. Mrs. B. said that they keep smashing atoms together and checking to see what elements hang around long enough to be considered for "existence." It all seems very complicated. Maybe one day I will get to travel to CERN and see for myself. Since it runs underground in both France and Switzerland, it would count as a trip to 2 countries!

In accordance with safety procedure, I looked for a pair of safety goggles in my size, but alas, had to make do with a normal pair. A couple of beakers later, I was ready to mix some chemicals. Here I am, preparing for my first scientific experiment.

Hitty preparing her first scientific experiment

Always use safety glasses when mixing chemicals

Not every chemical reaction is this colorful, but I was very interested to see what would happen!

As a final step in my chemistry lesson, I learned the proper procedure for using a Bunsen burner. My wood planks trembled a bit as I stared at the fire, so I kept a good distance away. And if something SHOULD happen... well, I could jump under the eye wash to douse the flames

Hitty visits the Chemistry Lab

Keeping a safe distance

Next time I visit chemistry, Mrs. B says we can set her desk on fire or make something explode. This all sounds very exciting... who knew chemistry was so thrilling?!?

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." Albert Einstein 

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