In which I participate in a graduation

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by Hitty Alice, Adventurer  Extraordinaire

As I promised, here are the pictures of the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center Graduation. Before the ceremony, my adopted human, Emily, let me go up on stage and look around. She showed me the speaker’s podium, where she would read a letter to each graduate from his/her parents. She said I couldn’t go up with her during the ceremony, because people might spend more time looking at me than the graduates. I was disappointed, but I got to meet so many of her students and friends that I soon forgot my sadness.

Graduation Day

Graduation Day

Graduation Day

Here is the picture that one of her friends took of Emily while she was reading a letter. It was such a neat idea for the school, graduates, and the parents. But, I’m glad the class was only 19 students. Can you imagine a letter to each graduate if there were 300 0f them?

After the ceremony, Emily asked one of her kids if I might try her cap on. It was a little big for my head, but perfect for a carrier. Too bad we had to give it back!

Hitty on Graduation Day

I still have a hard time believing that my first day in Bolivia was so packed with adventure. The days since have been tame by comparison. But I have met many interesting people. And I can’t wait for Emily’s new camera to get here so you can meet them, too!



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