Introducing Sally and Bert


Sally and Bert
Sally and Bert are a retired couple who live in a 55+ Community in Florida.  Bert spends his days golfing, playing pool with friends and riding his bike.  Sally likes to sew and read. 
Sally and Bert are members of the Hitty Doll Family.  Hitty is a carved wood travel doll based upon the book Hitty Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field and Illustrated by Dorothy P Lathrop.It won the Newbery Medal for excellence in American children's literature in 1930.  Newbery Medal winners never go out of print.
The book is narrated by a small doll named Hitty (short for Mehitabel), who was carved from wood.  She travels the world with several different owners.  The original Hitty doll was found in an antique shop by the author of the book.  She resides in a museum in Stockbridge Massachusetts.
Sally and Bert are a modern interpretation and were created by the dollmaking team of Nong & Holly who live in Thailand. Holly's dolls are sold on ebay, Nong & Holly.
Hitty Her First Hundred Years is available on Amazon  (my affiliate link)
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Stay tuned for more about the life and times of Sally and Bert.

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