Little Miss Prim and Proper---Indeed!

Abbie Alvin Hitty

Submitted by Abbie Alvin, doll maker and storyteller 

 "Miss Prim and Proper, her clothes, pictures, and story created by Abbie Alvin"
This One of a Kind (OOAK) Bitty Hitty is only 4 1/2" tall.   But she has a mind of her own!  Doesn't she look proper and well behaved? How looks can deceive!  
Abbie Alvin Bitty Hitty Doll
We went down to the beach last Sunday, and stopped along the way for some pictures on the old stone wall.
Abbie Alvin Bitty Hitty Doll
"Take a picture of how nicely I can sit, please," she said.
Ah!  Here we are at the beach.  Look at that blue sky!
Abbie Alvin
"Where's your clothes? Come back here!" I shouted.  "You'll float away and turn into driftwood!"'
Abbie Alvin Bitty Hitty
"At least I won't sink," she said, as she took off towards the waves. I chased her.  I headed her into the rocks where curiosity got the best of her.  She stopped to inspect a big shell.
Abbie Alvin Bitty Hitty Doll
And that's when I grabbed her. Little Miss Prim and Proper Indeed!

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