Rachel Field's Hitty by Rosemary Wells and Susan Jeffers

Hitty Her First Hundred Years

Published in October 1999, Hitty's story continues with an updated version by Rosemary Wells and illustrated by Susan Jeffers.  This delightful book follows the adventures of Hitty as we first met her in Hitty Her First Hundred Years, a 1930 Newberry Award Winner,

Hitty begins her memoirs in 1829 Maine as an old peddler carves her out of a piece of mountain ash from Kilkenny, Ireland. In the Rosemary Wells updated story, Hitty goes South during the Civil War, meets a freed slave and becomes a much loved companion to the former slave's granddaughter.


This book is out of print but is available on the secondary market on Amazon through this afflilate link. Hitty's story also continues through blogs and new authors of her adventures.  Click this affiliate link for Hitty books on Amazon

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