Roy Sterrett Hitty Doll

Roy Sterrett Hitty Virginia Ann Heyerdahl

Submitted by Virginia Ann Heyerdahl

In 1979, the Black Hills Doll Club of South Dakota in Region 4 held a Regional Conference in Rapid City, South Dakota. A hand-carved Hitty was the souvenir doll along with a copy of the book, Hitty, Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field.


Roy Sterrett Hitty Doll

The doll was hand carved by Roy Sterrett.  She is 6 1/2" tall.  You will note the “white” streaks painted in the hair.

Mr. Sterrett was no doubt using the illustrations of Hitty to carve his version and thought that the “highlights” in the hair shown in illustrations indicated gray hair. So he painted them white!

Some of these dolls are marked on the legs with the carver’s name as well as “Rapid City So. Dakota.”

Roy Sterrett Hitty Doll

Roy Sterrett Hitty Doll

This souvenir Hitty Doll is from the collection of Virginia Ann Heyerdahl, who is the publisher of The Friends of Hitty Newsletter.  She has done extensive research about Hitty, Rachel Field, Dorothy Lathrop and the artists who have created Hittys in the past and those who are creating her today.  For more information about Hitty, please read  Who is Hitty

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