The Day My Nose Turned Blue....A Cautionary Tale

Hitty Gale

By Hitty Gale, A Gale Lyons Hitty

On a recent shopping trip, my adopted human Shirley, bought a new purse. It was on sale, but one of the main reasons she bought it was because the purse has a side pocket that I can fit into.  We thought this was perfect. NOT!

Hitty Travels

On our first outing, I longed to come out of my traveling pocket to have my picture taken.  Imagine my shock and Shirley's shock to see that my nose was blue....very blue.  We never considered that the blue lining would fade on my face.

Shirley was able to remove the stain with a very fine nail buffer (not a nail file).  I refused to let my photo be taken with a blue nose and refused to ride in that pocket again without some protection from that lining.

A few days later, we were in our favorite thrift store, The Hope Chest, and we found a sunglass case with a wrist strap for $1.  Perfect

Hitty Travels

Hitty's New Traveling Case

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