When You are Out and About....Stuff Happens

Hitty Gale

By Hitty Gale, a Gale Lyons Hitty

While doing errands the other day, Shirley was involved in a minor fender-bender.  When the light turned yellow, she stopped. This was because she was not sure the oncoming traffic was not going to run the red light.

Unfortunately, the vehicle behind her didn't stop.

Thankfully, everyone, including me was ok.  The bumper to Shirley's car was not ok.

The bumper suffered a big break

As you can see, the bumper was cracked. 

A trip to the car clinic

We had to make an unplaned trip to the Collision Clinc

Things we learned: 

Stuff happens.  Better to be inconvenienced than to suffer injury.  Be Thankful.

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